2017 Rochester Marathon

The Rochester Marathon benefiting the American Diabetes Association is a weekend of events that takes place in Rochester, NY on the weekend of September 16th & 17th. 

This is a participatory and spectator friendly event that showcases the history of Rochester, NY. Over the two days, the following events will be held:

  • Day 1 - Saturday, September 16th – Rochester 5K
  • Day 2 - Sunday, September 17th – Rochester Half Marathon, Full Marathon & Marathon Relay

Day 1 is the Rochester 5K, which begins at Frontier Field. It brings runners through the historic High Falls District before making their way onto the Inner Loop and finishing back at Frontier Field.

Day 2 includes the Rochester Half Marathon, Full Marathon & Marathon Relay. Participants start in Maplewood Park and go on a tour of the north side of Rochester. It features a beautiful, scenic course with breathtaking views along the historic Genesee River. It has the perfect mix of elevation changes to keep participants challenged.

The Day 2 finish line sees runners of all ages and abilities, from the elite runner using the certified course to qualify for the Boston Marathon, to the casual fitness enthusiast looking for a new challenge. Every runner who crosses the finish line outside of Frontier Field enters an atmosphere that is absolutely electric. With spectators lining the streets of the home stretch and a live band playing in the background, it is as if they finished a marathon and ended at a festival.

For more information, how to register, and more - visit their website here.

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