Viral Petition Wants to Replace the Word "No" with "Yesn't"

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No one likes saying "no."  Except for toddlers, they can't get enough of it.  But the rest of us generally like keeping things nice and ambiguous when someone asks for a favor or tries to make plans.

And now the Internet has turned that desire to be passive-aggressive into something stupid.

There's a petition on to get rid of the word "no" and replace it with "yesn't."  It's kind of like how the opposite of "should" is "shouldn't"...they think the opposite of "yes" would be a mix of "yes" and "not," which is "yesn't."

And that petition has gone viral, and it's up over 27,000 signatures.

Yesn't comes from Urban Dictionary, where it was posted 10 years ago with the meaning, quote, "a conjunction meaning maybe yes and maybe no."

And while I'm thinking the English language ISN'T going to drop the word "no" for "yesn't"'s still a good flip-flopping term you can start using in day-to-day life. 

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