Video: Rochester cops advise ex-boyfriend to break into home

A judge ruled this week that a Rochester police officer was in the wrong when he advised a man he could break into his ex-girlfriend's house to recover his possessions. Catherine Bonner was arrested in November after the encounter at her address on Genesee Park Boulevard. The ex had gone there to collect his things after their break-up, and called police when Bonner wouldn't let him inside. 

Bonner's lawyer has released body cam footage from Officer Korey McNees in which McNees is heard advising the ex-boyfriend to break in.

After the boyfriend finally broke a window, the video shows Bonner pointing a rifle at him. The officer then charged her with menacing. Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli says this definitely wasn't department policy...

The judge ordered the evidence of the rifle and statements Bonner made to police surpressed from her trial. Officer McNees  is still on duty. A new training memo has been issued for officers in similar situations.

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