7 Firefighters + 7 Babies = 1 Adorably Cute Photo

Seven firefighter dads who welcomed babies within months pose in seriously adorable photo shoot. (Avery Dykes) #firefighter #babies #newbornphotography #adorbs

The babies entered the world in the following order.

Jovie Gray Dykes born Feb. 7, 2017, to Kendall and Avery Dykes.

Cohen Miles Todd born May 26, 2017, to Dusty and Melanie.

Saylor Rene Shanks born July 31, 2017, to Sam and Allysa Shanks.

Bodie Owen McMurrian born Oct. 27, 2017, to Kyle and Amber McMurrian

Henley Noel Hutchinson born Jan. 8, 2018, to Dusty and Sarah Hutchinson.

Kadance Joyce Groom born Jan. 12, 2018, to Darin and Miranda Groom.

Gracie Lynn Whitney born April 20, 2018, to Mick and Carrie Whitney.

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