Ariana Grande Got a Tattoo For the Manchester Victims

Now, I won't lie.  I've always thought Ariana Grande was a spoiled little brat.  The doughnut incident?  Ugh.  Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. 

That said, people change.  Especially teenagers.  They grow up.  Mature.  We've all made mistakes in the past, myself included, so we deserve a chance to prove that we ARE good people.

I feel that over the past year, my respect for Ariana Grande has grown immensely.  She has always spoken up for the rights of ALL - men, women, straight, gay, bi.  Whatever you are, Ari has your back.  But what really impresses me is the grace with which she handled the bombing at her show in Manchester last year.  I can't imagine having to go through something like that.  What a horrible life heart goes out to ALL the families affected by it.  And while she was dealing with the trauma and her emotions in the public eye...every time I hear her mention it or speak about the families and victims...she has been the epitome of grace.

One the one year anniversary of the attack last week, she held a candle-lit vigil with her family to remember the victims.

And then, she revealed that she got a tattoo - something more permanent to remember them by.  It's a little bee behind her ear - the bee has been the symbol of Manchester since the Victorian period.

So heartfelt.  Read more --> Buzzfeed

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