People cheese rolling is 2 minutes of complete insanity!

Is it a sport?  A competition?  I say it is insane!

The annual Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling Contest was held this week in Gloucestershire, England.  It is the most ridiculous thing you will watch this summer!

People throw themselves down a hill chasing after an eight pound block of cheese that hurtles down the hill at 70 miles per hour.

As you will see here, many people are injured, including this year's champ Chris Anderson.  This is Chris's 14th year in the competition, and for kicks, this year the Big "Cheese"  tore his calf while chasing the elusive cheese.

Watch and ask "why do they do this"?  And, listen to the reactions from the "fans" who watch this insanity roll down the hill. This is one cheesy idea that makes my crazy friends look somewhat sane.... 

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