Woman Orders Food Delivery Just to Have Driver Kill a Spider

This SO sounds like something I would do.  I have an intense fear of spiders...like, debilitating.  It's a spider SPECIFIC fear - true arachnophobia.  I have no problem killing other bugs, centipedes, whatever.  Bring it on.  But show me a spider, and I'll run screaming in the opposite direction.

So you can imagine, I sympathize with this 22 year old woman in Dorset, England - Demi Sweeney - who couldn't handle a big spider she found in her house.  What she did next - I call genius.

She called for delivery from KFC.  And when the guy got there with her food...she asked him to kill the spider.  He did, and flushed it down the toilet...no word on how much she tipped!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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