The 7 Biggest Plot Holes in Classic Disney Movies

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Disney's animated movies aren't exactly realistic...and you do have to suspend disbelief when you watch them.  But that doesn't mean they can just have PLOT HOLES wherever they want to.

A list of the 'Seven Biggest Plot Holes in Classic Disney Movies' is making the rounds online, and it's pretty good.  Here's the rundown:

1.   "The Little Mermaid", where Ariel FORGETS how to write.  She isn't able to TALK to Prince Eric because of the deal she struck to give up her voice...but why can't she write stuff down?  She proved she could read and write when she signed Ursula's contract in the first place.  I've been obsessed with "The Little Mermaid" since I was five, and this one has ALWAYS bothered me.

Also, Ariel seems perfectly fine with Eric eating a crab, which is a little disturbing since she was FRIENDS with a crab.

2.  "Beauty and the Beast", where Beast's age is unclear.  When he was a HUMAN prince, he was around 11 when the witch put the curse on him.

We learn that the last petal on the enchanted rose will fall on his 21st birthday, and he's been under the spell for about 10 years.  But in the portrait of him pre-Beast, he doesn't look like an 11-year-old boy.  He looks like he's in his 20s.

That's a timeline issue...but even more importantly, what happened to Chip's brothers and sisters?  They were nowhere to be found when Chip and his mom Mrs. Potts turned back into humans.

3.  "Cinderella", where the slipper breaks the rules.  Why didn't the glass slippers disappear like everything else after midnight?  Both of them conveniently remained intact.

Also, why did one of the slippers fall off if they're supposed to fit perfectly?  Why wasn't Cinderella way more chill when she found out the prince was looking for HER?  And is there really only one girl in the whole village who has her shoe size?

4.  "Toy Story"...Where has Woody been all this time?  "Toy Story 2" reveals that he was actually a piece of tie-in merchandise from the fictional 1950s children's TV show, "Woody's Roundup", and was a rare collector's item.

So, what was a young boy in the mid-'90s doing with a 40-year-old toy?  Woody never mentions any previous owners, despite the numerous times in the movies when that information would've been very relevant to come out.

5.  "Aladdin"...Is he a prince or not?  Although Aladdin had already been given the status of 'Prince' by the Genie in order to marry Jasmine...everyone seems to have forgotten that he's no longer a "street rat" at the end of the movie.

Does this mean the Genie didn't actually make him a REAL Prince and just made him LOOK like one?  Or did Jafar's meddling somehow undo all of that? 

Regardless, before Jasmine's dad decided to change his mind and the rules...Aladdin should just have given the lamp to Jasmine and then she could've wished him to be a Prince.  Plus, had two other wishes to blow.

6.  "101 Dalmatians", where the costs would be out of control.  Why would ANYONE want to own over a hundred dogs?

Roger and Anita get the money to buy a house in the country and keep the dogs...but even still, having all of them would surely bankrupt them.  At best, they're really worst, they're trying to start a puppy mill.

7.  "The Lion King".  Why didn't Scar just kill his little nemesis Simba when he had the chance?  It would've been a lot more simple, especially since he had no problem killing Mufasa. 

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