Autistic Student Gives Moving Graduation Speech!

Plano [Texas] Senior High School was holding its graduation ceremony when they brought up a special guest to speak. Sef Scott, a graduating senior at the high school with autism and social communication disorder, is known at his school for not normally speaking in public. But, when Sef stepped up to the microphone, he surprised his classmates with an inspirational and beautiful speech.

My son has special needs too. He has many friends that are autistic in his class. And while my boy speaks, and can tell me his thoughts, I know parents who will never know what it's like to hear their child say 'I love you mom." Just reading this story turned on the water works. Then I watched the video....and it incredible. 

Not only are his words powerful, but his classmates' reactions are wonderful. That's what gets me. It's the showing of love and support for kids like Sef. He probably doesn't even understand what he is saying. Or understand how his words affect his audience. But he knows the positive reaction from people. He knows that the feedback he's getting is positive and good. And that makes him feel good.

"Don't follow someone else's dreams. Don't waste time on something you never wanted. Do the unexpected. It is your life that you are living, not anyone else's. So do what fulfills you. Don't fear the future. Don't fear the unknown. Will it be unexpected? Yes. Yes, it will. But that does not make it wrong," said Scott. 

Needless to say, Sef got a standing ovation. Watch his speech below....and today, and the everyday, do the unexpected.

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