PHOTOS: We're Having a Baby Girl!

My wife, Dianne, and I had our 20-week ultrasound yesterday and found out that it's a baby girl! We couldn't be happier, and can't wait for her arrival in November.

For almost all my adult life, I wanted a boy. Two boys, actually. I wanted to be the Dad of a little league all-star, a sports fan, a hiker... I wanted a mini-me. Turns out, I was completely wrong. I was thinking I wanted a boy, because that's all I had growing up... a brother. I think it's only normal for us to gravitate to what we know and are most familiar with. I've loved everything about my life, and there was a part of me that wanted to duplicate it, with my son. 

That's where I forgot about the other side of the coin.

Sitting there, in the room yesterday, everything changed. I wanted a girl. New adventures, new activities, and plenty of instances where she'll TEACH me. We'll still watch Bills games, go to the batting cages, and in 21 years... have a beer. But, we'll also have tea parties, go to dance recitals, play dress-up, and eventually I'll get to walk her down the aisle. We'll get to explore all life has to offer, together. And that's all that matters. It will be uncharted territory for me, but a hike I'm more excited to take than ever before. 

See you soon, baby girl. 

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