Poncho the Police Dog is smarter than me! See how he can save you.

Here's one smart pup for your day.  Meet Poncho the Police Dog.

Since there's a cop here, time for my true confession, because every dummy gives up the info sooner or later.  This dog is much smarter than me! 

Need proof?  Look up my test score for the NYS Regents Biology exam.

You will find I received a score of 48 on that test.  That's 48 out of 100. 

Yep, I don't know half the stuff that apparently Poncho, a police canine officer in Madrid, Spain, knows. You'll understand when you watch him below.

Not only does he perform CPR, but he also is smart enough to check for a pulse.

So, just in case you're feeling queasy this weekend, make the call to Poncho, one goooooooood dog here:

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