Reunited: Three-Year-Old Girl and the Deputy Who Saved Her Life

Seminole Florida County Deputy Bill Dunn is a real HERO! He pulled the young girl from the car and drove her to the hospital in his cruiser where she made a full recovery. 

The mother had called 911 and reported that her car was stolen with her daughter inside. When he found the car he saw the "sweaty and limp" girl strapped in her car seat.....she did not have a pulse. He rushed her to the hospital and she made a full recovery! 

According to police the car wasn't stolen. The mom left her daughter in the car after a late night liquor store run. WTF!!! 

The girl's father called the Seminole County Sheriff's office to thank Dunn for saving his daughter's life. Dunn asked if he could meet the young girl, and the father agreed and brought her to the station.

The sheriff's office shared a photo of Dunn embracing the girl on Facebook. 

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