Backstreet Boys "Want It That Way" with kids toys.

We're trying something new for the Fourth of July holiday on this station -- a Graduation Playlist holiday -- playing top hits from the year you graduated.

If you grew up as a Backstreet Boys fan, and graduated around 1999, you'll remember their massive hits, like "I Want It That Way".  That tune hit number one in 25 countries, and was performed in a whole new way Friday on "The Tonight Show".  Jimmy Fallon and his house band The Roots joined the fellas from BSB and grabbed some kids toy instruments to re-live the 90's.

Here's how it played out on NBC. 

To gear your ears for our Graduation Playlist holiday, here's the original BSB video from '99.  For more, hit with iHeartRadio.  Enjoy a trip back to July 4, 1999:

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