Someone Stole Demi Moore's Credit Card & Went on a Shopping Spree

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A dumb criminal named David Matthew Read came up with a "genius" con:  He'd report DEMI MOORE's American Express card missing...and then he'd intercept the new one when it arrived.  Somehow, he managed to pull that off...and then he went out and dropped $169,764.73 at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

It's unclear why he decided to attract so much attention to himself by shopping at department stores...maybe he figured Demi wouldn't notice.  But she did. 

Her assistant alerted AmEx of the fraudulent charges...and the authorities were able to track the guy down using surveillance footage.  Demi hasn't commented.

It's CRAZY to think that you could steal someone's credit card and get away with such big purchases...but maybe this guy is smarter than he seems.  Demi is worth an estimated $150 million.  So $169,000 to her is like YOU noticing false charges totaling $ places you may already shop. 

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