Bye bye bye Blockbuster! Streaming killed the video stores.

At the top of their game in 1989, Blockbuster Video had almost 9000 stores in America. Today, sadly there is only one.

Blockbuster was more than a building where you could rent a movie.  It was a gathering place where families shared ideas of how they would spend their quality time watching movies or videos together.  Remember those days?

Then Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services chipped away at the thought of leaving your house to rent a movie, buy popcorn and candy and share family time.  How 1989! That was before we started staring at a small screen on a phone or device.  

Here's the story of the last Blockbuster standing in Bend, Oregon: 

Here's a swan song from a group who rose to fame during Blockbuster's glory days.

N'Sync, with a young Justin Timberlake leading the way, as we say "Bye Bye Bye" Blockbuster: 

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