Majority of Women Say These 2 Things Are Better Than Sex

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sex can be one of life’s biggest pleasures, but a recent survey reveals that most women would give it up when asked to choose between a roll in the hay and shopping. Research Now interviewed 2,000 women, most of whom were between 45 and 64, and it turns out 59% would rather give up sex than shopping, if they had to pick one.

But retail therapy isn’t the only thing women would trade for sex. The survey finds three out of four women would give up a steamy session in the sheets for a sunny beach vacation.

The British survey shows women in their 40s and 50s were happier with their sex lives than women in their 20s, but it wasn’t wild sex or outrageous fantasies they were interested in. What these women said they want from intimacy is kissing and cuddling, which they feel is more important than the sex itself.

When asked what they’d like to see improve in their relationships, the top response was more romance (44%) followed by better communication and spending more time together. And all of that is nice, but that tropical getaway would be hard to turn down.

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