A Guy Steals His Date's Car...Then Uses It For Another Date

I'm not sure if there's a better example of "adding insult to injury" than THIS.

There's a woman in Memphis named Faith Pugh.  And on Saturday night, she went out with a 21-year-old guy named Kelton Griffin who she knew from back in high school.  He'd texted her out of the blue, asked her out, and she said yes.

But he showed up without a car, so she had to drive them in her Volvo.  And when she stopped for gas, he asked if she'd run inside to get him a cigar.  She did...but while she was inside the store, he STOLE her car.

That would already make this a hall-of-fame level terrible date.  But it gets even worse.  Because Kelton drove her car...to go on a date with ANOTHER GIRL.  And it turns out she's Faith's godsister.

Anyway, Faith and the cops were able to use GPS to track the car to a drive-in movie theater, where they arrested Kelton for theft of property.

And as a kicker...apparently he'd made Faith's godsister pay for their tickets to the drive-in.  Sounds like a real winner!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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