Color Me Badd Singer Shoves Bandmate on stage at Del Lago!

Bryan Adams was clearly mad [or Madd] about something, because after performing a song at del Lago Casino, he strutted up to Mark Calderone and, without saying a word, shoved him hard.

Witness say Adams was frustrated all night...either with his voice or the soundsystem.....or maybe the catering wasn't enough for him? 

NewsChannel 9 WSYR reports sheriff's deputies arrested Abrams Sunday in the Seneca County Town of Tyre. He was charged with Attempted Assault in the 3rd degree. 

TMZ reports Abrams, 48, was being held on bail set at $2,000. 

According to WSYR, Abrams will be due back in court on Aug. 28.

Happier days below for sure ---- 

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