R. Kelly Releases New Song "I Admit" Admitting To A Lot Of Crazy Things

If you've been following along with the R. Kelly news that has come out the last few months you know that the R&B singer is accused of some serious stuff. Variety reported that he was accused of keeping a 14-year-old girl as a pet/sex slave. He claims he was just grooming her to be a pop star. He's also accused of keeping young up-in-coming singers in a sort of "sex dungeon."

The whole situation is insane, and Kelly has a past of making headlines for interesting behavior. 

So what has R. Kelly done after remaining quiet this whole time? He released a 20 minute song called "I Admit" which details some pretty terrible stuff he's done. He even says in the song that his lawyers told him to stay quiet. 

*Warning, Explicit Language*

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