Why would anyone kill a 101-year-old woman? It takes a savage.

Above is an alleged killer.  Below you will meet the sweet woman who he allegedly savagely murdered, even after she has helped him with her own money in the past.

Marcia Morrison defied the odds, making it to her 101st birthday two weeks ago. Today she is dead, but not from natural causes.

A neighbor in Rochester is charged with stabbing and murdering this beautiful soul, leaving her alone, dead in her apartment.  No one deserves such a brutal death, but especially those who are most vulnerable.

Learn more about this 101-year-old who served others birthday cake when she turned 100 last year.  And find out more about the savage who allegedly killed her.  

WROC-TV in Rochester has the details about a dichotomy of two people who lived next door to each other.

Rest in peace Marcia Morrison.  You truly deserve peace after this horrific end. 

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