TV celeb Mike Rowe honors heroic upstate veterans.

The man above is Mike Rowe.  You may know his face from "Dirty Jobs" or his voice as narrator of "The Deadliest Catch", both on the Discovery Channel.  But, more importantly, he is a big supporter of our veterans.

As you can watch below as profiled on WROC-TV this week, Rowe was upstate in Conesus, NY, honoring Justin Cogswell, a vet who came up with a brilliant idea.  He refurbishes old cars to give to his fellow veterans who are lacking transportation.

Operation Buildup is a program that helps those who help each of us with their service to America.  As you can watch below, this is a great story of how vets look out for each other, not only in battle, but also long after in everyday life.  God bless all our heroes like Justin, and all of our troops.


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