P!nk flies back on stage in grand return to touring in Australia.

P!nk had a rough week on tour in Australia last week.  If you've ever suffered through a nasty stomach bug, you can relate.  

Unfortunately, some of her disappointed fans in Australia couldn't, as they ripped her on social media for cancelling 4 shows last week.

P!nk had to go public with the reason. She was admitted to St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney with a "gastric virus".  That means the poor mother of two was suffering from a mean bout of diarrhea.

Isn't it great that there are so many haters on social media that a person has to let the world know that she was spending far too much time in the bathroom?  

Luckily for her P!nkness, after living on a prescribed diet of Hydralytes and dry toast, she made it back to the stage Saturday for 20,000 more appreciative fans at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney. Kudos to P!nk for putting up with the noise and nonsense of the haters, as she gladly said she had slimmed down, and proved it by flying high above the crowd in one of her signature acrobatic moves, as you can view below.

It's ironic this all happened during her "Beautiful Trauma" tour.  Luckily the bathroom trauma has passed for P!nk......   

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