Baby Bunnies Were Born in My Front Yard!!

Andrew & I had something incredible happen at our house over the weekend - baby bunnies were born in our yard!  Last year we had two baby deer born under the bush in our backyard, and now this Summer...bunnies!!

We first noticed one of the little guys Sunday morning - we always have lots of rabbits in the yard, and they LOVE our bird feeders.  They often sit under them and eat the sunflower seeds the birds drop on the ground.  At any given moment, I can almost guarantee one or two rabbits are in my yard...I'm sure there's one there right now!  It's constant.  Then this weekend, we came into the kitchen and looked out the window...and there was a baby bunny!  He was SO TINY.  Here he is:

Later that night, we were grilling dinner in the garage.  There's a big lily plant right at the edge of our driveway, and mama bunny was hanging out next to it.  One by one, her babies started coming out of the bush and nursing.  Just a few feet away from where we were sitting!  Here's a video, SO CUTE:

Andrew & I stopped on the way home from work last night to get some alfalfa and carrots.    

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