LIST: Best reasons to dine out alone

  • A new list reveals the top benefits to dining out alone
  • You don’t have to share your food, you don’t have to split the check, and there’s no need for small talk
  • Also you can eat healthy if you want, or enjoy a dessert all to yourself

While a lot of people would never think of dining out without a companion, these days, thanks to our phones and other devices dining solo isn’t as big a deal as it once was. Plus, there can be plenty of benefits to eating out all by yourself, even if the idea scares you.

Among the benefits of eating out alone:

  • There's no awkward check-splitting
  • You don't have to make can just GO whenever you want
  • There's no pressure to SHARE your food...
  • You get a lot of peace and quiet...
  • There's no need for small talk.
  • You'll enjoy your food more!
  • It's a fun excuse to people watch.
  • You can make healthier choices…
  • OR enjoy that dessert all to yourself!
  • You can actually get a confidence boost.
  • If there's a cute server... guess who's got their full attention?

Source: Buzzfeed

PHOTO: Getty Images

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