Mothers-In-Laws Tell Their True Feelings About Their Kid's Spouses

  • A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has mothers-in-law revealing why they hate their sons and daughters-in-law
  • One mom found out her son-in-law was cheating, while another’s daughter-in-law steals and another’s son-in-law hit on her

We’re always hearing stories about women dealing with mothers-in-law from hell, but now some MILs are speaking up, and it sounds like some may have a good reason for not exactly welcoming their kids’ spouses with open arms. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has mothers-in-law revealing why they secretly hate their sons and daughters-in-law, and in some cases we have to say, we don’t necessarily blame them. 

Reasons MIL’s hate their sons and daughters-in-law include:

  • ”I feel awful to saying this but I’m happy my daughter-in-law is my soon to be ex-daughter-in-law. She is the most vapid person I ever met and I am glad my son is realizing it too.”
  • “My daughter married the guy you have fun with in college, not spend your life with. He is such a moron I’m honestly embarrassed for her.”
  • “My son-in-law is a lazy bum. I am not sure he will ever provide for my daughter especially if they have a child one day.”
  • “My son and daughter-in-law are horrible housekeepers. I won’t even use the bathroom when I visit. I can’t help but judge their terrible hygiene.”
  • “My son-in-law hit on me so I sent him to the ER.”
  • “My son’s wife and him live with us. She steals form me every single day. I just found a bag of treasures from my dead mom in her room. Currently freaking out.”
  • “My daughter’s husband physically harmed her while holding their baby and I wish there was more that I could do. I hate him so much for doing that to her.”
  • “I detest my son-in-law. I wish he would meet another woman and leave my daughter and grandson forever.”
  • “Just found out my son-in-law cheated while my daughter was having a miscarriage. I broke toothpicks off in his door locks and changed the access code on his car doors.”
  • “I always hoped I could love my daughter-in-law but she is crazy and mean.”
  • “My daughter-in-law won’t let me see my granddaughter. My heart hurts.” 

Source: Whisper

PHOTO: Getty Images

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