Aldi’s Wine And Cheese Advent Calendars Are Coming To The U.S.

I realize it’s still summer and while some people are rolling their eyes at even the mention of Pumpkin Spice Lattes this early, others are already looking to the holiday season. Yep, it’s only August, I'm going to talk about advent calendars - but these aren’t just any old calendars - they’re from Aldi and one is filled with cheese and one is filled with wine.

Last year the supermarket chain sold the wine-filled Advent calendars in the U.K. and they were a huge hit and this year, they’re making their way to the USA. It comes with 24 mini bottles of red, white, rosé and bubbly, to help you count down the first 24 days of December and make them all jolly. The wine calendars sell for $69.99, but there are 24 tiny bottles of wine inside.

Aldi is also offering a cheese Advent calendar that comes filled with 24 mini imported cheeses, including Cheddar, Gouda, and Havarti. These have a $12.99 price tag and would go perfectly with the wine calendar. Maybe the pair of them are the perfect couple’s gift?

The calendars will be available at Aldi beginning November 7th and they’re expected to sell out fast, so be ready.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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