Fall Food Trends: Not just Pumpkin Spice Whatever

We all love fall traditions like apple picking and baking pies, but as the season arrives, these are the new food trends we’ll see all over Instagram and menus.

  • Cinnamon roll-flavored everything - Pumpkin spice isn’t the only big fall flavor. Get ready to see people pinning and ‘gramming all things cinnamon roll-related, from cinnamon-roll pie crusts and giant cinnamon rolls to Ben & Jerry’s vegan Cinnamon Buns pints.
  • Brandy cocktails - If you’ve tried all the whiskey cocktails and you’re looking for something new to sip this autumn, give brandy a try. A wine director and a bartender created the first American-made brandy made for mixing and shaking: Bertoux.
  • Israeli food - Middle Eastern food is already big this year, but Israeli eats with flavors like sumac and harissa will be showing up on more menus this season.
  • Yerba mate [[mot-tay]] - This Argentinian beverage is brewed like tea and contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but it’s not exactly coffee or tea. If you tried to love matcha and failed, you may like this better because it has zero bitterness.
  • The Pegan diet - It’s a hybrid of a vegan diet and the Paleo diet focuses on plant-based foods, good fats, and low carbs and it’s very trendy right now.
  • “Fruitcuterie” boards - Those giant, professionally designed snacking boards, aka “graze boards” are still growing in popularity and this is the perfect vegetarian-friendly version. It’s just a whole bunch of different fresh fruit, cheeses, and nibbles cleverly displayed on a charcuterie board - no meat allowed.
  • Creative straws - Straws are in the news a lot lately, with the plastic ones that are bad for the environment not being offered at some spots anymore. But now we have new options like collapsible stainless steel straws, tasty Prosecco-infused paper straws, and even ones that double as a snack like Starbucks’ edible pumpkin spice cookie straws.

Source: PureWow

PHOTO: Getty Images

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