FREE Chick-Fil-A Food in September

What’s better than getting to eat Chick-Fil-A? How about free Chick-Fil-A? To thank customers for using their mobile app, the fast food chain is giving away free eight-piece chicken nuggets through September 29th. But don’t think this means you can eat for free all month. Each person who uses the app can redeem the offer just once.

But hey, ONE free meal from Chick-Fil-A is better than NO free meals, right??  BRB, downloading the moblie app on my phone right now...

Oh, and speaking of September...Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte season!  And...I can FINALLY feel normal about decorating my house for Fall...cause the decorations have been up for a few weeks.  LOL #sorrynotsorry

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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