WAIT! The Last Week Of September Is The Best Time To Buy An iPhone

  • Apple has a habit of introducing new iPhone in September.
  • They also discount older models in the last week of the month, so if you wait you make out better.
  • Not only do iPhones have discounts but the storage doubles too.

There’s a lot more to think about when buying an iPhone than you realize. As prices get higher and higher, the idea of a discount should make you salivate. That’s why Apple has a predictable habit.

We all know that the tech giant loves to introduce new models in September, but they also love to discount older models. Specifically, the last week of that month. If you hold on, the price will be $100 cheaper. That's a lot considering what phones go for.

Here’s another, lesser known trick that Apple likes; doubling the memory on older models during the discount period. So instead of getting say an iPhone 7 for $549 with only 16-gigs of memory, you’ll get 32-gigs for $449. Since iPhone memory can’t be expanded, that’s a big deal.

You can find deals everywhere, but pay close attention to what you get for your money.

Source: USA Today

PHOTO: Getty Images

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