Chocolate Hotel Has Affordable Pricetag!

Looking for a fun fall getaway idea? How about this hotel made entirely of chocolate? Yep, it’s real and you could actually spend the night there. And did I mention it’s just outside Paris?

The Chocolate Cottage was designed and built by Jean-Luc Decluzeau, a chocolatier who specializes in chocolate sculptures. It’s was made of about 1.5 tons of chocolate and can sleep up to four guests. Chocoholics will love that many of the items in the cottage are edible, too. And the best part? This place can be booked for about $60 bucks a night on

Everything in the cottage, from the walls to the roof and the fireplace, dresser, clock, and even the chandelier are all made of chocolate. There’s even a white chocolate duck pond and a flowerbed made out of … you guess it - chocolate. If this sounds like your kind of hotel, you’ll have to hurry, there are only a few night available for this one-of-a-kind chocolate creation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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