Man Uses Dead Neighbor's Debit Card To Order $7,000 Of Pizza

Marie Conlon may have died in January 2015, but she still had a hankering for pizza in the afterlife. Or at least according to her debit purchases.

The elderly woman was not married and had no children, so few noticed when she passed. Except for her neighbor Robert Sharkey.

Sharkey is accused of breaking into Conlon's home, stealing her bank cards and using them to pay his bills from August 2015 until she was discovered last year.

The Belfast Crown Court charged Sharkey with the theft, which included spending £5,988.39 ($7,823 USD) on Domino's pizza.

How much pizza do you think you eat every year? If you had unlimited money, what food would you order over and over?

And for no reason what so every, enjoy Meryl Streep chowing down on the cheese and pepperoni... 

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