Weight Watchers Changing Its Name...and Mission

Say goodbye to Weight Watchers. No, the popular weight loss company isn’t closing up shop, but they are changing their name, and their mission.  The company just announced that they are rebranding themselves “WW,” with a goal of turning themselves from just a weight loss organization into an overall health and wellness organization.

“We will never abdicate our leadership in the best healthy eating program for weight loss in the world, but we can be so much more today," the company's president and chief executive, Mindy Grossman shares on “Today.” "We can inspire people for healthy habits, to help them eat better, move better, use their mind to help support their efforts and really be about total wellness."

The company’s new tagline will now be “Wellness That Works,” with the goal to help their members build healthy habits. They have also partnered with the meditation and mindfulness tool Headspace, which, starting October 4th, will be incorporated into the WW mobile app.

Other planned changes include a change to the FitPoints program on the app, a new “Connect Groups” feature that will help like-minded members find each other to share tips on their particular interests and foods, and WellnessWins rewards, where members earn “Wins” for their healthy habits and then redeem them for exclusive products and experiences.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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