WTF: Exercise While You Drive #Flinstones

  • A new startup has created a "pedal-powered vehicle" that could have you burning calories on your drive to work
  • The accelerator is activated by bike pedals, and the brakes have been replaced with a handbrake
  • You can burn 300 calories per 30 minutes in the car

You may not find the time to work out around your work schedule, but now you could be burning 600 calories per hour during your commute. A new startup has created an innovative new car that will have you working up a sweat while you’re on the go. It’s called the “FitCar PPV” (Hint: the “PPV” stands for “Pedal Powered Vehicle”).

Developed by Nasser Al Shawaf and the Dutch engineering company BPO, the PPV is an inventive upgrade of an Audi A4 Avant. The difference is, this car’s “pedals” are a little more literal – as in, they’re quite literally a pair of bicycle pedals. The pedaling generates an electronic pulse to activate the accelerator, while the brakes have been replaced completely with a handbrake on the steering column. See it in action to the right.

The car drives in three straightforward modes: “Drive Fast,” “Drive Slow,” and “No Drive.” Although it’s patented internationally, the car is still waiting for the green light to be sold… in the Netherlands that is. So, it’ll probably be a minute until you can your hands one of these “Flintstones”-esque rides.

Source: NY Post

PHOTO: Getty Images

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