Hasbro Is Releasing Parody Versions of Its Popular Board Games

If game night has gotten boring to you, get ready to shake things up. Hasbro is coming out with a new collection of board games that are parodies of some of their well-known classics, like Sorry and The Game of Life. There are five new games in the line and they’ll hit the shelf at Target on October 1st. Here are a few you can look forward to playing soon.

  • Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost In Vegas Parody Edition - The toy company has turned the classic game of our youth and turned Clue into an adult party game where seven adults reunite for fun in Vegas, but have a little too much fun. It’s basically “The Hangover” in a board game.
  • Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis Parody Edition - In this twist on the old school game, players still move around the board earning and losing money, but they also face modern dilemmas like dropping the phone in the toilet or calling in sick to binge-watch TV, all while trying to escape their debt.
  • Mystery Date: Catfished Parody Edition - This take on dating in the digital age brings the classic Mystery Date game to the present. Players pick, swap, and collect the hilarious Trait and Action cards, and wade through weirdos in their search for love in the world of online dating.
  • Botched Operation Parody Edition - Players are still using tweezers to remove body parts from Cavity Sam, but this time they do it while performing a stunt shown on the Challenge Card.
  • Sorry! Not Sorry! Parody Edition - In this adult version of the game, players race around the board and can sabotage their friends, steal their pawns, and use the Not Sorry! Cards to reveal their wildest “have you ever” secrets.

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