Garbage plates, cheesecake and Red Osier Oh My!

It's some of the city's most well know foods...all in one place - The Rochester International Airport! 

Taste of Rochester opened Thursday.

The full line up includes Abbott’s, Flour City Pasta, Salvatore’s Pizza, Amazing Grains Breads, Glenn Edith Coffee, Small World Food, Antonetta’s/Meatball Truck, Gugliemo’s Sauce, Smoke Shack, Balsam Bagels, Monks’ Specialty Bakery, Sticky Lips BBQ, Boss Sauce, Nathan’s Soup & Salad, Tapas 177, Captain Jim’s Fish Market, Nick Tahou Garbage Plates, Taste of NY, Cheesy Eddie’s Cheesecake, Palmer Food Service, The Distillery, Easthill Creamery, Artizan Cheeze, Zwiegles, Fee Brothers, and Red Osier Beef.

Almost as good as a Red Wings Baseball game.....

The restaurant is part of the ongoing Roc Renovation project that is slated to be completed at the end of this month.

My wife is gonna be so happy when I tell her we are going out to eat tonight! 

PHOTO: 13WHAM video screenshot

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