PHOTOS: The Mayor Pete Kennedy's Wedding

Last night, October 7th, a very special event occurred.  The Mayor Pete Kennedy got married to a BEAUTIFUL woman, Angela Rayter.  The wedding was...large.  It was the event of the year.  Almost 1,000 people attended, which is more than the Royal Wedding.  So we started a hashtag, #ROCRoyalWedding, which we feel was pretty appropriate.

The ceremony was perfect - surrounded by 900+ of Pete & Angela's closest friends and family, it was a little rough around the edges, just like Pete!  It started with a prayer and ended with the Irish Blessing, and everything in between was so sweet.  Both of the bride's parents gave her away, and there were many mentions of the fact that the entire RPD was in attendance.  We laughed (a LOT), we cried, it was beautiful.  Couldn't ask for anything better for my friend, Pete Kennedy.

Check out the hashtag on social media for more pics, but here are a few of mine from last night's festivities!

A group we like to call ourselves #BrooksAndDunn, Andrew & I met Brooksie and his wife Dianne out for a few drinks at ROCBurger on Main.  We watched the Bills game (yay!) before the nuptials.  

Had to include this one!  A pic of Pete with US on our wedding day (of course with Brooksie & Dianne, and a few other members of the iHeart family)!  Three years ago, he celebrated with us, now it's our turn to celebrate HIM!

Get ready for the fun!

#BrooksAndDunn ready for the wedding!

This is maybe 1/6 of the room.

Ceremony is over, LET'S PARTY!

OF COURSE there was a cop car at the reception!

And, naturally, Coors Light was the beverage of choice for the evening - Pete's favorite drink!!

The wedding had a beautiful Fall theme.

When Pete got engaged over a year ago, he told me there WOULD be his favorite dish, Tuna Noodle Casserole, at the wedding.  Though, he promised it would be covered in potato chips - the ONLY way to eat it, according to him.  Oh well, still good!

This is moments after Jennifer Johnson introduced the newly married couple - I've literally never seen Pete so happy in his life!!!

We're so happy for you Pete!!  We love you!!

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