List of Things "Normal Moms" Do Goes Viral

Most of us like to feel like we’ve got our stuff together in life, but if you have kids, chances are, you just don’t. And if you’re lucky, you have a couple of close sympathetic friends to share your motherhood confessions with, because they’re probably flying by the seat of their pants too. Blogger and mom Amy Weatherly feels our pain and put it all out there in a post about all the things parents experience, but don’t like to admit, and it’s gone viral because we’re all living it.

Weatherly’s You might be a normal mom IF” post nails it with gems like …

  • You joined the gym for the childcare
  • You’ve ever used a frozen burrito as an ice pack
  • You’ve ever yelled “STOP YELLING!” at the top of your lungs
  • You’ve ever lost your keys three times in two days
  • You have a half a box of Lucky Charms cereal with no marshmallows because the kids have picked through them all
  • You have between 5 and 10 different piles of laundry
  • You’ve bought cookies, taken them out of the container, put them on a platter and passed them off as homemade
  • You’ve ever helped your kid look for a toy you actually threw away a few days ago
  • Your Netflix suggestions are a mix of “Breaking Bad,” “Captain Underpants,” and “Boss Baby”
  • Your kids wonder where you’re going because you actually put makeup on
  • You only own one bra that fits
  • You feel like you say “don’t pick your nose” more than “I love you,” or anything else for that matter

Weatherly says she thinks the list resonates with parents because “we just want to know that we’re doing okay and that our kids are going to be okay, even though we messed up ten thousand times and have absolutely no idea what we’re doing.” And she’s pretty much right. Knowing we’re not the only ones fumbling our way through parenting makes us all feel better at the end of the day.

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