Bride Secretly Fattens Up Wedding Party So She’ll Look The Best

I'll bet everyone who’s ever been in a bridal party suspects that the bride is purposefully picking hideous dresses for them to wear so nobody outshines her. Well, one bride not only admitted to doing that...but revealed going even further.

Bride Penny revealed on the site Whimm that she went to great lengths to make sure her sisters, who were all in her bridal party, looked worse than she did at her wedding. In fact, she actually took steps to fatten them up, giving them what she called “slimming” smoothies that were actually packed with protein powder, resulting in them putting on the pounds.

The bride says that although she’s close to both her sisters, she always felt competitive with them. She admits that while planning her wedding she was a bridezilla, and became particularly worried about her wedding photos, explaining, “These are going to be on display in my home forever – I don’t want to be reminded until my last day on earth that I was the plain sister.”

That’s when she set her plan in motion to make her sisters look “as ordinary as possible” on the big day. First she picked a neon yellow dress “that made them look washed out and slightly ill.” And then she started her smoothie plan to put on the pounds, making them smoothies each morning and slipping in extra protein powder. “By the time my wedding rolled around, each of my sisters had to have their dress altered to accommodate their thickening waistlines,” she shares.

And apparently the bride got exactly what she wanted. She admits that she feels a “tinge of guilt” when she looks at her wedding pictures but she’s mostly happy because while she looks great, her sisters “are looking washed out and chubby.” She did add that the sisters eventually lost the extra pounds. 

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