Oprah's "Favorite Things" List for 2018

OPRAH WINFREY released her list of "Favorite Things" for 2018, and thankfully, it doesn't include any political endorsements. 

Oprah does this every year, and she's usually cool about not loading it with extravagant nonsense you can't afford...like $43.5 million worth of Weight Watchers stock.

But there are 107 items, and some of the stuff seems a little indulgent...

Like a $199 foot massager, a $168 adult onesie, $78 mittens, $144 fingerless gloves, a $498 "bamboo bedding bundle," a $249 "smart" picture frame, a $198 pitcher, a $1,850 bike, a $149 pet blanket, and a $199 dog DNA test.

There's also the $750 Apple iPhone XR, if you REALLY believe that Oprah cheaped-out and bought the LEAST expensive new iPhone.

Here's Oprah's generic statement: "I love discovering delectable, cozy, innovative new gifts and revisiting some of my past favorites to find the perfect present for each of the special people in my life, and then sharing these great finds with all of you!"

The full list of Oprah's Favorite Things is at OprahMag.com.

 If you want to actually buy anything, there's a special section on Amazon where you can find a lot of these things. Some of the items have been discounted, and the link to Oprah's site has discount codes for some of the other stuff.  A lot of the stuff is MUCH more affordable.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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