Save Yourself From Holiday Stress Knock Out This List Now

Holiday stress can take the joy right out of your festivities, so if you want to relax about finances, shopping, and getting the house ready. Getting ahead of the rush is easy with a checklist! Luckily, we have one thanks to PopSugar.

Happy holiday prep!

  • Back in the day, there were savings clubs at banks. You’s put a little aside every week and by the time Christmas rolled around, you had cash for everything. Give that a shot, even if you use a piggy bank. It’s not too late for this year, but now you know to plan for next!
  • Hunt for discounts. There a lot of ways to find discounts online and in stores. Make your list and start looking.
  • DIY it. Handmade gifts and decorations are old school, but trendy.
  • Knock out that gift list. Start buying now. Sales are everywhere.
  • Wrap things immediately. Why wait?
  • Get your travel arrangements taken care of now. The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets. Work with family to make everything run smooth.
  • If you’re hosting holiday get togethers, plan your menu and drinks now. Then buy, cook and freeze anything you can ahead of time.

Source: PopSugar

Photo: Getty Images

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