School Bans Students From Drinking Water. What the What?

A British student is speaking out against a strange rule put in place by his school. The Sir Robert Pattinson Academy in Lincolnshire, England has reportedly banned students from drinking water during class and inside the building.

According to 15-year-old Callum Goldsmith, the ban is getting in the way of his education, as he’s forced to go outside to hydrate himself. His father is concerned about his son’s learning experience, too, saying that the school is “treating pupils like prisoners.” But the school is standing by their decision to place the ban, which they say is for “very clear health and safety reasons.”

Head teacher Dale Hardy explains that many of the classrooms have electrical equipment that could be a safety hazard if liquids are present, like water. He also claims that students are indeed allowed to drink water in between classes, during breaks, or “in other areas of the school,” though Goldsmith said that really means outside.

Source: The Sun

PHOTO: Getty Images

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