This Pint Of Ice Cream Helps You Dump Someone

Chances are, ice cream has played a part in breakups in your past. Probably you sitting alone with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, a spoon, and some Netflix as you eased your broken heart, right? Most of us have been there, but now there’s a new way to bring ice cream into the breakup and this time it gets to do the dirty work for you.

Nora’s Non-Dairy, a Vancouver-based vegan ice cream company, has created a series of pints made to communicate the end of a relationship and give the rejected partner a pick-me-up in the aftermath. On each pint of “Bye Bye Brownie,” “Strawberries and You’re Mean,” and “It’s Just Vanilla,” the breaker-upper can fill in their name and their soon-to-be ex’s name, and a bold statement on the pint shows the clear message: it’s over. The brownie one even comes with a list of “I can’t do this because” items the dumper can check to explain the breakup, including “you like Nickelback,” and “My dog doesn’t like you.”

These pints serve an important purpose in today’s dating landscape, according to the folks at Nora’s Non-Dairy. “With people dating and dumping so frequently, the pints fill the need to break-it-off with someone without too much drama, time, or awkwardness,” they explain. And it is a much sweeter way to end things than ghosting.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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