The Top Thanksgiving Recipes On The Internet

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, lots of folks will be finalizing their holiday menu, and many people turn to the Internet for ideas and recipes to make their holiday feast perfect. Well, it turns out there are some holiday recipes on the web that are way more popular than others, and a new report reveals which ones folks seem most excited about this year.

The website JustAPinch has just revealed their list of the most popular Thanksgiving recipes on the web this year, featuring the most saved, viewed, shared, rated, and cooked recipes this season. Topping the list is a recipe called “2 Hour Turkey, Really!” from a home cook, which swears you can make up to a 22.5-pound turkey in just two hours. The key is to cook it in a very hot (475 degree) oven.

Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipes On The Internet

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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