Here’s Why You Skip The Black Friday Madness

  • While some folks love Black Friday, there are plenty of reasons to stay home
  • First, deals aren’t usually as good as folks expect, and in some cases items can cost more
  • Plus, you can find most of the same deals online, plenty of other deals will be offered later in the holiday season, and there’s a good chance you’ll overspend

There are plenty of folks who’ll be out in stores looking for the best deals on Black Friday, but according to a new report, you may be better off just sitting at home on the couch all day. According to Market Watch, while Black Friday is expected to be bigger this year than last, the deals offered probably aren’t as good as folks expect.

But that's only one of the reasons it's smart to skip Black Friday. But if you’re on the fence as to whether to shop on Black Friday or not, here are some more reasons you should opt to stay home with your leftovers:

  • You may actually pay more on Black Friday – A report by WalleHub last year found that while items like video games, toys and electronics get the best discounts on Black Friday, things like jewelry, clothes and accessories were less likely to be discounted. Plus the same report found that 8.5% of items actually cost more on Black Friday than they did the week prior on Amazon. 
  • You can find the same deals from your couch – The truth is, most retailers offer the same prices online as they do in stores, and you don’t have to wait until Cyber Monday to get them.
  • You’re likely to go overboard with Black Friday sales – All these Black Friday deals are just retail tricks to get you to buy more. While you may be getting deals, chances are you’ll buy more and spend more than you really want or need to.
  • There will be plenty of time to save – In addition to Black Friday, there’s Cyber Monday, and lots of stores slash things even further as we get further into the holiday season. In fact, the deepest discounts are usually found during the second week of December, plus there’s also Free Shipping Day on December 14th, with prices dropping as well.

Source: Market Watch

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