New "Magical Burger" Includes Rainbow Bun, Banana Ketchup & Marshmallows

This is either America's most intriguing or most DISGUSTING burger...and I'm really not sure which.  Maybe a little bit of both?

There's a burger spot in Anaheim, California called Ground House.  And they just rolled out a new item called the Magical Burger.  Here's what it's got:

1.  Four burger patties with cheese.

2.  A RAINBOW BAGEL as the bun.

3.  Three aioli sauces, one of which is a BANANA KETCHUP aioli.

4.  Colorful MARSHMALLOWS.

5.  And rainbow sprinkles.

As for how it tastes...well, believe it or not, so far, people on Yelp actually seem to really like it.  I'm not gonna lie...I'd definitely try it!

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