Amazon Alexa Hacks For The Holidays

Now that it’s the last week in November, we’re in the heat of the holidaze now. And while you’re scrambling to get everything done this December, why not make things easier on yourself with some help around the house…from Alexa. The virtual assistant is here to help with these Amazon Alexa holiday hacks.

  • Play all the holiday tunes - Nothing turns your home into a holiday wonderland like Christmas music playing 24/7 and iHeart Radio’s iHeart Santa skill makes it so easy. Just ask Alexa to open one of the free holiday-themed radio stations, some of which are even hosted by Santa.
  • Set timers for all your holiday cooking - Alexa can set multiple timers with ease and you can keep them all straight by asking for specifics, like a cookie timer, or a potato timer.
  • Get fed your recipes - Enable any of the hundreds of recipe skillsavailable for Alexa and she can tell you step-by-step directions for every dish you’re making so you don’t have to use a cookbook or your phone to find them.
  • Do some holiday shopping - After you enable Alexa’s voice purchasing feature, she can help by adding gifts to your Amazon Prime shopping cart. But if your kids know about it, be sure to check your cart before checking out.
  • Lists, lists, and more lists - Keep everything straight this holiday season by letting Alexa help you create and add to lists. Just tell her what to add and which one to add it to, like your holiday shopping list or travel checklist, and you stay organized and hands-free.
  • Get your holiday countdown fix - Enable the Christmas Countdown skill and then you or your kids can ask Alexa how many more days you have until Christmas any time you need to know.
  • Play some holiday-themed trivia - Alexa knows everything and with the Winter Holiday facts skill, you can learn all kinds of interesting tidbits about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more.
  • Get some help with the holiday lights - Order some Alexa-compatible smart lights or smart plugs and you can ask Alexa to turn the holiday lights on and off for you, so you don’t have to crawl behind the couch or Christmas tree every time.

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