Girl Goes On First Date With Guy - Turns Out, It's a FUNERAL

We’ve all had terrible first dates, but no matter how bad yours might’ve been, this story is worse. Thanks to a viral Twitter thread shared by user @itssryach, we can collectively cringe for this poor single girl ironically named Bridget Jones.

It starts with @itssraych tweeting, “When my mate asked if she’d told me about her worst first date I didn’t anticipate this…” and goes on to share screenshots of texts from her friend retelling the unbelievable story of her date from hell. Basically, Bridget’s date told her to wear a black dress for their first date and she was excited thinking it was for some romantic reason, but that was not the case.

Bridget was already in the car heading on the date when she realized they were headed to a funeral. A FUNERAL, people! Her date apologized, explaining he knew she’d never agree if he told her first, and she was trapped. It turned out to be his grandmother’s funeral and because she didn’t want to be rude and split, she stayed … for the whole thing.

This was the first time they had gone out and there he was sobbing, so she comforted him. She even met his mom, while she was grieving their family’s loss. It wasn’t until he took her home that she got the story. Her date claims he had a girlfriend and they had just broken up before the funeral, but he’d already told his entire family about her, so he needed someone to fill in. So that’s how poor Bridget got roped in and we’re guessing that’s the last time they went out.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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