Guy Proposes to Girlfriend with SIX RINGS

Finding the person you love and deciding to spend the rest of your life together is amazing, but nailing the perfect proposal can be a huge challenge. There’s so much to consider for the person doing the asking, like should it be in public or private, intimate or elaborate, and then there’s finding the ideal engagement ring. But one guy found a way around that by proposing to his lady love with not one diamond ring, but six for her to choose from.

When Dennis Brown II got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend Atara Dallas to marry him, he presented her with a box holding six diamond sparklers so she could pick her favorite. He shared a photo of the lavish proposal on Instagram with the caption, “I won at life with her, so she deserves six rings to choose from.”

Brown hired an event planning company to help him get everything just right when he popped the question. They had a photographer, videographer, props designer, florist, makeup artist, hairdresser, drapery expert, and stylists on hand to make the moment one to remember.

Aside from him in a tux, there was a romantic message from Brown, blown up and printed on the wall. It reads: “Today I wanted to give you the greatest gift that I could ever give you … my heart and soul completely, unwavering and all yours … will you accept and hold my hand in yours through this journey?”

Of course, Dallas said yes and she chose a pear-shaped ring from her box of diamonds. Now we can’t wait to see what they have planned for their wedding.

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