Holiday Hacks to Simplify the Season

Tis the season and all, but between decking the halls and sipping eggnog, the holidays can get hectic and it can be hard to stay jolly. But the new book “Holiday Hacks: Easy Solutions to Simply the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” has easy fixes for some of the biggest issues, from weather to long lines. Here are a few holiday pointers from the book to help your season go smoothly and save your sanity.

  • Have icy doorsteps, but no salt? - Pour a bucket of warm water with dishwashing soap on them. The soap won’t let the water freeze and you can clear a path without having any salt.
  • The fix for stale Christmas cookies - Get your stale cookies soft again by putting them inside a plastic bag with a piece of bread. Leave them in overnight and they’ll be almost as good as new.
  • Make your Christmas tree appear bigger with lights - Use bigger lights on the bottom of the tree and smaller lights on the top to create the illusion that your tree is larger than it is.
  • The cheapest time to book your holiday flights is this week - December 4th through 10th is the window to find the best deal on flights during the holidays.
  • Kitty litter can help if you get stuck in the snow - Keep a bag of kitty litter in your trunk and if you ever get stuck in the snow, pour it under your tires for traction.

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