PHOTOS: Meet Colbie Katherine Brooks

There's only a few things that can totally put life into perspective. Becoming a Dad is definitely one. We showed up to Highland Hospital two weeks ago for a few tests, and left three days later with a baby girl. 

Colbie Katherine Brooks was born at 3:51AM on November 20th, weighing in at 9lbs 2oz. 

First and foremost, my wife deserves all the credit in the world. Those hours in the delivery room are some of the most stressful, intense, miraculous moments you'll ever experience. As the soon-to-be-dad, you feel helpless, but know it's time to step-up and play "coach". 

No matter what people say, you're never prepared for the first two days in the hospital. Changing diapers every hour, babies crying, visitors in and out. It can be overwhelming, but all it takes is for one look down at the human being you just brought into the world and everything makes sense. 

Her first smile, her first dirty diaper, her first full night of sleep. It's incredible how fast babies grow and learn.

Thank you to the staff at Highland, our midwife, and our family and friends for all the support. I'm soooo ready for this adventure to begin. 

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